YouTubers We Love


With over 300 hours of video being uploaded to YouTube every-single-minute, it can be daunting to step outside of your comfort zone of daily vloggers and DIY channels to find something new. We get it! That's a lot of media whizzing past your face.

So, in an attempt to remedy that, we thought we'd take a moment to highlight a few small(er) YouTubers that are awesome! Be sure to check out all their social accounts and give them a follow! 

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Heather is a cartoonist, illustrator and personal friend (so we're a little biased), who creates virtual universes and mini-comics on Instagram. Heather may be newer to YouTube but honestly, she's killing it already! Her new animated series "I Visit Planets" is a  quirky and informative must-see! 

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Beth is an incredibly talented visual artist and filmmaker who creates some of the most experimental and whimsical creations on the internet today - no joke. Beth also recently won the #IMACREATOR contest for VidCon AUS. Pretty cool! 

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Bernice (aka Bringer of Victory) is a self-proclaimed pixel addict and graphic designer whose 90's aesthetic oozes onto every video she makes and it's awesome! When you're watching a BOV jam - you're always in for a treat. 

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Nico is an incredibly unique illustrator and filmmaker with a wonderful eye for detail. Although new to YouTube, his channel is filled with a collection of colorful, time-lapsed digital illustrations that you have to watch!

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Monika is a young filmmaker who loves Studio Ghibli and who radiates with these quirky Wes Anderson/Sofia Coppola vibes. We recently met Monika at VidCon when she hosted the Filmmaker Network - which was a blast. Her videos are always a joy to see when they pop into our subscription feed, so you should definetly check them out. 

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Grace is another young filmmaker on our list who is diving into the world of content creation and sharing her progress as she develops her talents and grows as an artist! She's always up to something interesting, so be sure to check Grace out.  

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Tyler is the final filmmaker on our list but one that we're truly excited about. With film-school on the horizon, Tyler is a talent to keep an eye on. We can't wait to see the creations that come from the next adventure!

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