FanFiction About Us? | FANtasies On Fullscreen | #AD

Disclaimer: We have been hired by New Form to raise awareness for FANtasies on Fullscreen.

We've been watching this new show on Fullscreen called FANtasies and it's pretty wild, to say the least. In the show, a group of popular social media cool-cats (Hannah Hart, Mikey Murphy, Brandon Rogers and so on) re-enact some of the most bizarre and hilarious fanfictions written about them on the internet.

Scattered across a 10-episode season - hosted by Drew Monson, FANtasies drips with an array of cringe-inducing moments that are delightfully self-aware and perfect in every way.

This is the weird side of the internet on full display! 

Disclaimer: We have been hired by New Form to raise awareness for FANtasies on Fullscreen.

So all of this got us thinking - what would it be like if someone wrote a fanfiction about Neon + Nova? We're pretty open about our lives and what we're working on so we'd like to think that the author would have to reach pretty deep into their imagination to create something wonderfully weird - and we want weird. Weird is good. 

Like maybe Dustin stumbles onto a mysterious book, which when someone's name is written into it, causes that person to instantly feel something very wet and cold in their ear. Gross, we know. Of course with this power, he quickly becomes delusional - likening himself to some kind of righteous vigilante who torments all those who hurt others. What could we call it? Like, Wet Note or something. 

Or - oh! Okay, how about this! Meghan has this insane ability to see sick people. Everywhere! She goes to the store and boom - someone with a cold, hacking up their lungs into a soggy tissue. Of course, she books it out of there and hops onto a city bus, but guess what - Yup. Sick people everywhere. They're coughing and sneezing, their noses running and eyes watering. It's a mess. Finally, she makes it home only to discover that she - herself is in fact, sick too. We could call it the Sick Sense or something but we're just spitballing here. 

One more. What if Meghan lives in a quaint little town where she loves to read but for no real reason everyone hates her and her dad has disappeared. Of course, she ventures off to the last place he was seen - a dark and seedy Ikea store on the outskirts of town. It's an obvious choice because everyone gets lost in those things! Anyways, once there she's greeted by dancing utensils, chairs, tables - all kinds of things. Eventually, she meets Dustin but he's like a buffalo-man with horns and weird knees! Obviously, something really messed up happened to him. Long story short, they fall in love and everyone lives happily ever after. There's a lot of singing and the movie adaptation kills it at the box office. We could call this one Bjorli and the Besta Burs? Get it? That's the name of Ikea furniture. 

Anyways - it's really weird to think that there are people out there who write about their favorite celebrities, social media stars, pop icons and heroes and put them into all these crazy situations but that's kind of what makes the internet such an oddly wonderful place! 

If someone wrote a fanfiction about you, what would you want it to be about? Let us know in the comments below and don't forget to watch FANtasies on Fullscreen