Stepping Out

Every so often it's good to step away from the office, the computer and even the phone to go somewhere that makes you happy. My special place? The ocean. I've always loved the ocean ever since I was young and as a Pieces, I've always felt a natural connection the sand and waves. 

Even though I've lived in LA for a year, I hadn't had an opportunity to check out the pier in Santa Monica yet but finally, the opportunity came up for me to get away - So I took it. 

There's something calming about standing in the sand and letting the water rush up against your feet (in my case - my crazy, tan-lined feet). The sounds, the wind and the smell of the ocean all create this mix - a recipe for relaxation.

It's great to step away from the buzz of the world occasionally. I feel like that's the best way to reconnect. 

- Meghan