We Were Being Watched | Threads on Go90 | #AD

Hey Everyone! Dustin here and today I wanted to talk to you about a new show that we're totally into.

Premiering back in July, Threads on Go90 is a new jam that we've been absolutely hooked on and it's one that you should definitely add to your watchlist, especially if you're into The Twilight Zone or Black Mirror.

In this series, inspired by real threads (like Reddit), each episode is unique and wonderful - tapping into the fears and unsettling feelings that each one of us has felt at some point in our lives.  Told with great direction, wonderful acting, and fantastic cinematography, Threads finds a way to stick with you long after each episode ends and that's what makes this series so much fun.

It just feels real.

Disclaimer: We have been hired by New Form to raise awareness for Threads on Go90.

Episode One - Deep Web

Episode One - Deep Web

A topic that Threads takes on in episode one, Deep Web - is the feeling of being watched and man, does that resonate with us.

giphy (11).gif

You see, there was this one time, many years ago where I needed to take Meghan home late at night. We were young and out way later than we needed to be, so I was in a bit of a rush to get her back home. 

We hopped in the car and started driving down the dark and twisted back roads. After a few moments of driving, Meghan noticed a bright light hovering high in the sky just ahead of us. I looked up and briefly, shrugged it off before taking a second look. This was strange. We'd driven these street hundreds of times and never before had we seen a light like that. Not only that, but it wasn't even sitting still - It was swaying slightly back and forth. 

It was odd, to say the least, but we continued to drive, turning finally off the main road. As we did, we assumed the light would stay in place but of course, it didn't. Quickly the light shifted across the field, staying directly in line with our car. I thought for a moment it was a helicopter - like maybe the police were out looking for a particular vehicle, but this didn't move like that. 



The light followed us, street after street! When we sped up, it sped up. When we slowed down, it slowed down. It was in perfect unison with our car for the entire trip. 

Finally, we arrived on Meghan's street and we quickly pulled up to her house. As we stopped, the light above us came to a slow pause - again, swaying back and forth in front of us. 

Meghan didn't want to get out of the car and I didn't want her to either so for a moment we just sat there with the doors locked, trying to explain to ourselves what this thing could possibly be. 

Suddenly Meghan's phone rang. 

giphy (15).gif

It was an unknown number. 

Usually, with unknown numbers, Meghan will just ignore it but with this call, she instantly answered, without hesitation.

"Hello?" she asked. 

There was silence for a moment. 

"Who is this?" the voice responded. 

And guys - listen to this. Meghan, in a daze, answered by giving her FULL NAME. 

There was a click on the other end of the line and when we looked back ahead of us the light was gone. 

We still, to this day have absolutely no idea what was following us or who called Meghan's phone that night. If you were to ask Meghan about the call, she can't even explain why she said her full name so willingly to an unknown caller at 3 in the morning. 

It's simply something neither of us can explain.  

So, we have to ask - have you ever felt like you're being watched? We'd love to hear about it!

Hop on your computer, cover up the webcam, sit back and dive into Threads on Go90